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I'm a houston based dubstep/electro Producer.

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aaronmusslewhite's News

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - May 1st, 2012

Oh my. I say. Smashing. Good show!

Wonder why I'm so ecstatic and shocked? Why it's all the new music released on the internet lately by NGers such as myself and my good friend SDJ.

Speaking of SDJ, he literally JUST came out with his debut dubhop mixtape Theresa (woah genre bending, amirite?! you people always talk about fresh beats. This is like getting to dunkin donuts just as they open the door. Hot fresh beats, with delicious and warm sugar coating. Mmm, how could you start your day without it? Trick question. You can't). It's all about girls and shit. Everyone of you has had a girlfriend at one point right? Course you have! Or at least you threw rocks at one in kindergarten so you can totally relate to this. It's practically written about you! So go grab this aural goodness and cram it right into your ears right now. And dont forget to check out the producers of the mixtape, they all have great music for your enjoyment as well!

And if that wasn't enough my own debut EP isn't too old itself. So my 137 (and counting) newground friends, AND special visitors, don't forget to go grab it as well! I love each and every one of you so much that I'm allowing you to download it for free, cuz hey, it's the internet. I know how things work. But if you don't want me to miss my rent and be thrown out in the cold and have to lug around my rig, breaking into other folks' homes and using their electricity while they're away and darting out as they come home, it'd be nice (if you enjoy it) if you could spare a couple bucks for music I worked hard to bring to you. So go check out my EP OH HAI! It's like a tidal wave of aural goodness pulling you into a vast sea of delicious and sexy bass and mid rangey tones that lick you all over, but not in a sexual way.. more like a multitude of little unconditionally loving puppies... unless you're in to that. in which case it's totally sexy. Aaron Musslewhite's OH HAI EP: It's like sexy puppy kisses.

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - April 26th, 2012

ahoy newgrounds friends.

Well I finally got my EP and social media bull shit sorted and can get back to the point of all this, making music. I've got at least a couple tunes on their way. One I just uploaded check it out here
It's a drumstep track and features some nice female vox I found on the net.

the other features NG's very own SenatorJohnDean
It's almost done It just needs to be mixed down so look for it very soon.

as always thanks for listening :P
face me on friendbook
and twitter me on follow...er... come back to me I can do better.

Oh and also don't forget to go grab a copy of my cd.
Name your price. :P

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - April 11th, 2012

Just uploaded a video on youtube that has samples of all the songs on my EP so you can check it out and see if you like it and download it.
check it out here!

If you have a youtube account please subscribe to my channel I'll be uploading songs there as well as on here and if I get enough subscribers I may start doing things like recording sessions and doing tutorials and shit like that, so please please take the time to do that, I REALLY appreciate it!

Also I just made a facebook account and I know everyone has that so go like my page to get more news about tracks

same for twitter if you like that better

or soundcloud

and if you like the album you can buy it or download it at

all the money i make from my music will go right back into it. I definitely want to get more synths and plug ins to make even better music! Thanks for all your support guys.

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - April 10th, 2012

Hey everyone I'm releasing my first EP today!

Head over to http://aaronmusslewhite.bandcamp.com/ and download it!

It's released at the price of whatever you want. You can set your own price and even grab a free download if you like!
Thanks for your support guys hope you enjoy it. And now I'll be getting back to making even better tunes!

Also if you have a twitter please follow me at twitter.com/aaronmmusic

or if you have a facebook (lol "if") please like my new facebook page

really appreciate the support guys!

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - April 6th, 2012

Newsy news news!

Ok so I'm proud to announce that, ITS DONE! Fuckin' finally, amirite? I've been saying this is "coming any day now" for weeks. But I finally got everything mastered and remixed and all that stuff. I'm just waiting on the artwork and then I'll post the link for everything.

I'm in talks right now with an awesome artist to do the album art, (as i am just... awful at art apparently) so hopefully I'll get that back soon and we can move forward.

Once the album is released you'll be able to choose your price, all the way down to free.99. So be looking for that!

In the mean time, I'm gonna start trying to replace the audio files across the net with the mastered versions, beginning with the remixes of the adele and gotye songs as they were unauthorized so they wont actually be apart of the proper album.

Also senator john dean over at dub-hop.com did an interview with me at:
http://www.dub-hop.com/2012/04/dubstep-dubhop-pr oducer-to-watch-aaron.html

be sure to check out his site dubstep lovers, theres all kinds of great information about other artists, including two other really awesome artists, xSentinel and Austin Hayes so check them out too if you get a chance.

stay tuned for the release!

and thanks again!

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - April 4th, 2012

Jesus, I've had an exhausting passed couple of weeks! I've had tons of work and other crazy things going on, but I'm finally getting a chance to get back into it. I've noticed the activity on my channel is directly proportional to how active (or inactive as the case is :/) I am, personally, on it haha. Sad to see it moving slower, but we'll get back to it! :D

I did get everything mastered but, as always there's little nit pick-y things to be fixed before I want to release it.

Which brings me to the next question,
I know people dont usually seem to check this page or comment on my news page but would any of you (there's 100+ of you following now! :D yay!) be interested in checking out the final mastering session on ustream or some other similar service if I did that? It would have to be later tonight, as I'm booked out pretty much the rest of the week. Like maybe around 8pm-9pm Central time? (sorry for the short notice, sort of spur of the moment :/)

thanks guys!

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - March 20th, 2012

Hello people who may or may not be reading this. I'm back in houston finally from SXSW. Great show, btw, Knife party was aweeeesoooooome! The line to get in to that club was ridiculous. Seriously like could have filled that club to capacity like 3 or 4 times over. But now I'll be heading to dallas to catch feed me at the house of blues. Super excited. Wednesday I'll finally be done with all this running around watching shows and I'll be able to get back to the studio and have everything lined out. So by wednesday night I'll be making a new post about releasing the mastered tracks. Thanks for listening guys, see ya wednesday :P

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - March 15th, 2012

Hey guys, as some of you may or may not know, all my dubstep songs are unmastered and all that. I mean I did what some people refer to, condescendingly, as "cd prep" for the newgrounds tracks but they aren't really properly mastered or anything. BUT, I'm going today to get everything mastered for a small li'l EP release. Just to have something to sort of to publish as a collection.

The tracklist will be

2.Swing Me
4.I'm alive
5.In this moment prelude
6.In this moment

Thanks for all your support guys. All the tracks have a little bit more remixing going on, a few small new parts or changes just to break up in monotony, like the part between the drops on overdrive. Anyway hope you guys love it! I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do with it once it's done. I'm thinking doing like radiohead and others have done recently and just giving it away and in future if someone wants to like donate or choose a price they can. I don't know, I'm playing it by ear here haha. Anyway thanks again for everything. I'll keep ya posted!

OH! Also I'm gonna unofficially release my adele and gotye remixes as like bonus tracks or something for it. I don't really have permission per se to release those tracks so I'm not really able to officially release or try to make money on them. But I still want to have a better quality version out there for you guys for a $free.99.


I'm my attempt to create wordy biblical proportion of an news page, I'm taggin on an UPDATE! [terrible russian accent]So I ran in to little problem [/terrible russian accent] in that I had to make small modifications to my mixes in the bass dept, mainly cuz all i have to mix on at home are shitty little 4-inch speakers that require a lot of just knowing how it's gonna translate and while I'm getting better at it, I'm used to have a sub.. and .. yknow, good monitors lol. But, everything is sorted now, alas, I'm going out of town today for SXSW (woooo!) so if your in the area holla at me, we'll have a couple drinks and go watch the OWSLA show or something at mohawk. So anyway, mastering should continue and be finalized next week at an undetermined date. and then i'll make a new news page cuz this is getting ridiculous. I mean i know I apparently can type like 30k more characters but c'mon, that's like a short novel. too much i say! and so:


good day ladies and gents.

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - March 6th, 2012

So I was just perusing the audio forum, as you do. And I noticed multiple instances of my songs on the front page, including Overdrive being at the top of the popular this month, and top of the dubstep chart. That's awesome, I honestly didn't expect anyone to like my dubstep haha. So I just wanted to say thanks to those who are listening and paying me such awesome compliments, I'll definitely try to live up to them :P.

Also for any of you who may be following my work, I'll be having some of my songs remixed a little better and mastered soon. (Hopefully next week but I'm not certain.) Anyway, I'm planning on releasing everything mastered and nice, I haven't really decided how yet. I don't really want to put it on itunes or anything as I can't imagine anyone actually buying it, if nothing else maybe I could do one of those things where you can download the album for free or throw a few bucks at it if you want. I don't know if that's something anyone would be into yet. But I'll keep working on getting better and maybe soon I'll have something that people will be into haha.

Mainly, thanks for listening guys, I've enjoyed the interactions we've had. Been good fun! :P I'll definitely let you guys know when those tracks are finished! keep it filthy, ... melodically filthy!

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - February 22nd, 2012

Ahoy newgrounders! After several years away, I've finally returned! And with more honed chops, ...and also a completely different genre haha. I'm going to keep all my older songs because... fuck it, i can't be bothered to delete all that old shit.
anyway, follow me on twitter at twitter.com/aaronmmusic and also check out my soundcloud at soundcloud.com/aaronmusslewhite

Hope you enjoy the tracks!