ronery.... so ronery... Oh, also I updated Allegro

2012-05-09 13:39:52 by aaronmusslewhite

I once read a post that I found while on stumble upon, which is what I do when I'm not producing music. Work, produce, and stumble upon. That's pretty much my life. And wild hollywood coke and sex parties.

Anyway it was about the "loneliest whale in the world." She wanders the ocean in search of friends, but all the other whales seem to be all, "ew, not talking to her!" Imagine that whale's self esteem, dismal. Anyway the issue is apparently her voice is two high to be heard by other whales.

I feel a bit like that at times. When I see I happily have people who enjoy my tracks, but my posts are usually left with 0 comments, and my twitter and facebook are like a town in the west in the 1800's with tumbleweeds blowing through. In fact, I'm gonna just start posting pics of tumbleweeds lol.
But since I'm a bass music producer, perhaps my voice is too low for everyone,
[achievement unlocked: obligatory bass joke, required: 1 joke about how filthy a track is to make quota]

Anyway, friends, don't be afraid to say hi or something or give an opinion on a post. I'm a pretty chill, personable dude. ... on the internet. Which, lucky for you, is the only way we can talk! Otherwise I might mumble inaudibly at you.

(inb4: You suck!)

Anyway, that bullshit aside:
I updated Allegro. I listened to the track at the studio and while the motorcycle sounding bass thing came out great, some of the other basses were lacking.. well, bass. So I turned those up. And also played with the kick and snare a bit more.

Also, (and I'm about to ramble again so feel free to go do something more interesting. Like anything really. Anything in the world would probably be more interesting.) It seems l have been 0 bombed like... a ton lately! I don't know if I've made enemies here somehow or something. But I'm sorry guys. Are you mad that I ate your chocolate bunny your mom got you for easter? Look I apologized for that, but you shouldn't have left it in the communal bowl of candy. How was I supposed to know it was special!? Sheesh, get some real problems!

I'm just thankful I have kind people, who like my music enough to vote positively. I'm not saying I deserve it or anything, definitely vote what you think. And to be totally honest I am not AS concerned with my ratings as I am what people have to say about it and the downloads. But I do realize that a high rating means more people will get to hear it so... two sides of the coin, eh.. or some.. other equally misused idiom.

Anyway, Love ya like a love song, babies! I should have a lot of time to work on new tracks in the next couple of weeks. The only thing I really see getting the way is moving. Grr... moving. Pah! I'm just gonna not think about it and make music. And when my landlord sends the police to evict me because I'm ignoring their notices and just making music all day, perhaps one of you, dear internet friends, can take me in off the streets!


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2012-05-09 14:11:26

Screw the 0 bomb haters, your music is awesome!

aaronmusslewhite responds:

thank you, the support definitely makes it better lol :D I wouldn't mind so much if it was so detrimental. I've had songs with like 4.8's and then there in the 3's somewhere. Craziness.


2012-05-09 14:14:02

Come live with me! I have enough room for two in my cardboard box. ^ ^ P.S. your music is absorutery faburous! Cannot wait for moar! Woo!

aaronmusslewhite responds:

excellent! Those accommodations are most likely better then the stupid apt I live in now! We shall paint windows on the sides, and maybe we can get a cat! I call top bunk :P Thank you, working on new tracks now! Unfortunately I'll be going to work soon, :( but this new one is gonna be pretty. Still bass-ey but.. y'know, not all GRAWRWUBWUBWUB! Dance!!! WOBBLEDYWOBBLEDYWOB-WOBLLEWOBBasl jasdf;lkadsf! right, got a little carried away there. anyway thanks for listening :D!


2012-05-09 17:28:43

Also, thanks for responding guise! I feel all warm and fuzzy! :P


2012-05-10 09:17:59

In my short time on NG, I have learned not to worry about the "locals" here. You have a style that is going far beyond any one site, so getting ignored a bit, I think, is just "paying dues." I feel the same way sometimes, but screw that. I just had my first random girl like me on FB, so I know sticking to the cause leads somewhere!