I'm (finally) back!

2012-04-04 19:37:54 by aaronmusslewhite

Jesus, I've had an exhausting passed couple of weeks! I've had tons of work and other crazy things going on, but I'm finally getting a chance to get back into it. I've noticed the activity on my channel is directly proportional to how active (or inactive as the case is :/) I am, personally, on it haha. Sad to see it moving slower, but we'll get back to it! :D

I did get everything mastered but, as always there's little nit pick-y things to be fixed before I want to release it.

Which brings me to the next question,
I know people dont usually seem to check this page or comment on my news page but would any of you (there's 100+ of you following now! :D yay!) be interested in checking out the final mastering session on ustream or some other similar service if I did that? It would have to be later tonight, as I'm booked out pretty much the rest of the week. Like maybe around 8pm-9pm Central time? (sorry for the short notice, sort of spur of the moment :/)

thanks guys!


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2012-04-05 06:41:33

You're awesome, and anyone who thinks ur awesome should go chk your interview on dub-hop dot com, +1 that shit on Google.

www.dub-hop.com/2012/04/dubstep-dubhop-produce r-to-watch-aaron.html