2012-04-06 14:35:56 by aaronmusslewhite

Newsy news news!

Ok so I'm proud to announce that, ITS DONE! Fuckin' finally, amirite? I've been saying this is "coming any day now" for weeks. But I finally got everything mastered and remixed and all that stuff. I'm just waiting on the artwork and then I'll post the link for everything.

I'm in talks right now with an awesome artist to do the album art, (as i am just... awful at art apparently) so hopefully I'll get that back soon and we can move forward.

Once the album is released you'll be able to choose your price, all the way down to free.99. So be looking for that!

In the mean time, I'm gonna start trying to replace the audio files across the net with the mastered versions, beginning with the remixes of the adele and gotye songs as they were unauthorized so they wont actually be apart of the proper album.

Also senator john dean over at did an interview with me at: oducer-to-watch-aaron.html

be sure to check out his site dubstep lovers, theres all kinds of great information about other artists, including two other really awesome artists, xSentinel and Austin Hayes so check them out too if you get a chance.

stay tuned for the release!

and thanks again!


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2012-04-07 12:34:51

Cool! :D