woah look at all this future music for your ear balls.

2012-05-01 02:29:22 by aaronmusslewhite

Oh my. I say. Smashing. Good show!

Wonder why I'm so ecstatic and shocked? Why it's all the new music released on the internet lately by NGers such as myself and my good friend SDJ.

Speaking of SDJ, he literally JUST came out with his debut dubhop mixtape Theresa (woah genre bending, amirite?! you people always talk about fresh beats. This is like getting to dunkin donuts just as they open the door. Hot fresh beats, with delicious and warm sugar coating. Mmm, how could you start your day without it? Trick question. You can't). It's all about girls and shit. Everyone of you has had a girlfriend at one point right? Course you have! Or at least you threw rocks at one in kindergarten so you can totally relate to this. It's practically written about you! So go grab this aural goodness and cram it right into your ears right now. And dont forget to check out the producers of the mixtape, they all have great music for your enjoyment as well!

And if that wasn't enough my own debut EP isn't too old itself. So my 137 (and counting) newground friends, AND special visitors, don't forget to go grab it as well! I love each and every one of you so much that I'm allowing you to download it for free, cuz hey, it's the internet. I know how things work. But if you don't want me to miss my rent and be thrown out in the cold and have to lug around my rig, breaking into other folks' homes and using their electricity while they're away and darting out as they come home, it'd be nice (if you enjoy it) if you could spare a couple bucks for music I worked hard to bring to you. So go check out my EP OH HAI! It's like a tidal wave of aural goodness pulling you into a vast sea of delicious and sexy bass and mid rangey tones that lick you all over, but not in a sexual way.. more like a multitude of little unconditionally loving puppies... unless you're in to that. in which case it's totally sexy. Aaron Musslewhite's OH HAI EP: It's like sexy puppy kisses.


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2012-05-02 21:57:27

Wish me luck. I'm going tomorrow to the fucking stupid ass clubs in my hometown with all the retarded hicks that think they're from Los Angeles to talk to the DJs about playing Hyperventilate and Overdrive. I was going to go today but it started raining, so I'm Internet promoting today.

But I'm staying positive!!!!