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I'm a houston based dubstep/electro Producer.

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aaronmusslewhite's News

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - December 19th, 2012

Hey guys just finished my new EP When I get 500 likes of FB i'll be releasing it totally for free so head over there if you haven't already! :D
Sneak peek below!

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Posted by aaronmusslewhite - December 14th, 2012

Oh my fuckin galoshes you guise! STORY TIME!!!:

The other day I had the freakiest shit happen to me. I was in the galleria chillin' and upon leaving I was listening to the FM transmitter in my car. I have a relatively old car and it doesn't have an AUX input for my iPod. So I turn on the music and it was crazy out of key and weird sounding. It was weird so I assumed it was a problem in the transmitter.

So I unplug it and play music from the iPod's internal speaker. Still making the sound. Must be the iPod. So a restart it.

Comes on. Still fucked up.

Then my friend who I was hanging with starts singing and I hear it in his voice! IT WAS IN MY HEAD!!!!! O_O

The nearest I can describe this sound as, is that it was like something was taking what I was hearing Pitching it up a half step, or minor 2nd, and then playing it along with everything else. For the musically inclined you'll know that it sounds AWFUL!

Any producers followers of mine can replicate this in their DAW of choice. Load in a song, create a duplicate. Pitch it up a 1/2 step and turn the pitched track down about -6db. Yeah THAT's what everything sounded like to me.

I was so fuckin scared. Outside of producing dance music, I'm also an audio and live sound engineer and on occasion a producer here in Houston. I was freaking out thinking, "How am I gonna do my job like this!" I had no sense of pitch. Everything sounded completely out of key and discordant.

Thankfully it went a way after a few hours. I hope it doesn't come back, that was freaky.... <_<

Good news: I just got a new computer that I'm setting up to use for the live show and we're practicing the last three songs to learn tonight! More on that soon! :D

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - November 17th, 2012

Hey guys I just hit 500 subscribers on teh YouTubez so I made this little thank you video and did a quick 15 minute mix.
It has a new song in the middle and a work in progress bonus track at the end so check it out! :D

and if you haven't, already hit up whichever of these social media links you like so we can keep this thing growing. Thanks again guys super appreciate all the support! :D


Posted by aaronmusslewhite - November 15th, 2012

What's good NG fam. Hope everyones Halloween was enjoyable! Did you guys jam halloweenstep? Any cool stories?
Absolutely nothing interesting happened for me so I hope you guys had a better time.

I've been jamming with my band I've put together, working on my show. We're getting pretty close to being ready to perform which i'm super stoked about.

Here's a vid of Nick the drummer and Clint the bassist jamming Overdrive

anyway that aside, my homie Digital Pulse
hit me up and asked me if I'd like to do a remix of his jam Club Dub which of course I was totally down! :D
So here it is: reimagined as a 110 track. Hope you guys dig it! :D

then check out the original here

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - October 19th, 2012

My song, the aptly titled "HalloweenStep" is now finished and available for your hallow's eve enjoyment! :D


Go have a listen to the whole thing hope you guys enjoy it. Lot of awesome stuff in the work. My live group are just about finished working up the songs and should be putting the show together very soon! Super excited about it. Also working on some new songs, planning on a small EP sometime in future so stalk me on facebook and twitter for the latest and early news on new tunes and the like. Thanks :D

Happy Halloween(step)!!!!

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - October 9th, 2012

I remixed get started and put some more bass in it because I felt it was a little wimpy! So go update if you want!

Also I am sacrificing greatly at this moment. There's a copy of dishonored out there I could be playing but I'm here writing music! For you! haha but srsly I wanna try to get some stuff done before ol' hallows eve. I think it'll be cool if i can finish it.

Also, Also, quick update: I met with the bassist and drummer who will be performing wit me live and it was aaaaawesome! I super excited to get out there. I'll try to get some photos and video of the next practice or something if anyone wants to see us jammin.


Posted by aaronmusslewhite - September 12th, 2012

So I documented the first time I heard one of my songs in a club. It's midnight at Numbers here in houston. Just for fun.I've been crazy sick lately but slowly getting over it. Also if any DJs wanna play my music somewhere (anywhere, I'm a whore) and if you have a video of it you guys should totally send it to me. Unless people hate it ... in which keep it. :P

Get my CD
be my friend
follow me on twitter and soundcloud!

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - August 29th, 2012

No like, NEW music. trying out a new style let me know what you guys think.

It's sort of more genre fusing, but still got some dubstep to it. It's new territory for me because the vocals are so prominent.

If it gets enough support I want to try to right an EP of similar musicz. So let me know if you dig it

if you haven't already, please follow me on facebook and twitterreally helps me out and maybe one day I could go on tour and itd be all thanks to YOU! and we could go midnight bowling and talk about things you like! Wouldn't that be awesome! I think so too, go click that like button!

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - August 15th, 2012

oh em gee you guys, Oh Hai is now officially on itunes. Go check it out I promise. I'll wait right here. ..... See!? Aw yea-yuh!
So please grab a copy of the super pristine, lossless mixes. You totally deserve them. :P It's gonna make your friends soooo jealous. They'll be all "Aw I wish we had awesome nice files instead of these YouTube rips...:(" and you be all, "EAT IT!"
..yeah,... fuck those guys. Anyway, thanks for everything you guys. Lot of exciting things to come. (liiiike performance stuff maybe... eh? EH!? You into that?, well be sure to follow me on Facebook and twitter so you'll be in the loop. Also i'll sing happy birthday for you. and the daily compliments are still on the table. ACT NOW!)

Posted by aaronmusslewhite - August 4th, 2012

Hey everyone. I'll be re-releasing Oh Hai on iTunes. But it's not just going to be an EP this time. It'll be most of my tracks I've released but I'm going back with my new knowledge and remixing tracks. Some need them more than others. Overdrive I haven't touched a whole lot, just minor tweaks. But I've changed up quite a bit of I'm Alive. I've never been happy with I'm alive but now I can honestly say I actually like it lol.

There will also be some bonus tracks maybe. So stay tuned for that!