2012-11-15 22:56:40 by aaronmusslewhite

What's good NG fam. Hope everyones Halloween was enjoyable! Did you guys jam halloweenstep? Any cool stories?
Absolutely nothing interesting happened for me so I hope you guys had a better time.

I've been jamming with my band I've put together, working on my show. We're getting pretty close to being ready to perform which i'm super stoked about.

Here's a vid of Nick the drummer and Clint the bassist jamming Overdrive

anyway that aside, my homie Digital Pulse
hit me up and asked me if I'd like to do a remix of his jam Club Dub which of course I was totally down! :D
So here it is: reimagined as a 110 track. Hope you guys dig it! :D

then check out the original here


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2012-11-16 00:55:26

loveed it and i got halloween step on my mp3 player.


2012-11-16 20:46:56

Heyyyyy! Halloween was decent for me this year, sadly I am on probation so I couldn't go out to the clubs to do any Halloween-Dubbing however, I made the best of it.

Listen, we've never chatted on here before but I just became your fan. I love Dubstep/Dance/Techno & I've been following your music for weeks now. There is one song inparticular that drew me to fan you which is your vesion of Set Fire to The Rain. I think you did an amazing job with that song. I added it to my favs & I give it a 5 everyday so don't be surprised if you see the star value go up on that track.

I just wanted to drop in & let you know that you've created a fan here in Boston & I look forward to more work from you to come!!!


- Pleased to crank your music, Jax

aaronmusslewhite responds:

That sucks better luck next year!

That's awesome man thanks so much, glad you like the songs. Yeah that song is basically what started this whole thing for me haha. I'm pretty sure we might be playing that song live, my band and I, when we work our show up.

will do! thanks again!