Holy Balls, I had a scary effin' day!

2012-12-14 14:49:31 by aaronmusslewhite

Oh my fuckin galoshes you guise! STORY TIME!!!:

The other day I had the freakiest shit happen to me. I was in the galleria chillin' and upon leaving I was listening to the FM transmitter in my car. I have a relatively old car and it doesn't have an AUX input for my iPod. So I turn on the music and it was crazy out of key and weird sounding. It was weird so I assumed it was a problem in the transmitter.

So I unplug it and play music from the iPod's internal speaker. Still making the sound. Must be the iPod. So a restart it.

Comes on. Still fucked up.

Then my friend who I was hanging with starts singing and I hear it in his voice! IT WAS IN MY HEAD!!!!! O_O

The nearest I can describe this sound as, is that it was like something was taking what I was hearing Pitching it up a half step, or minor 2nd, and then playing it along with everything else. For the musically inclined you'll know that it sounds AWFUL!

Any producers followers of mine can replicate this in their DAW of choice. Load in a song, create a duplicate. Pitch it up a 1/2 step and turn the pitched track down about -6db. Yeah THAT's what everything sounded like to me.

I was so fuckin scared. Outside of producing dance music, I'm also an audio and live sound engineer and on occasion a producer here in Houston. I was freaking out thinking, "How am I gonna do my job like this!" I had no sense of pitch. Everything sounded completely out of key and discordant.

Thankfully it went a way after a few hours. I hope it doesn't come back, that was freaky.... <_<

Good news: I just got a new computer that I'm setting up to use for the live show and we're practicing the last three songs to learn tonight! More on that soon! :D


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2012-12-14 15:54:50

You are being contacted by higher Sonic Gods. You must beg their forgiveness, sacrifice an MPC device of your choice and prepare for their imminent return. I'm jealous.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

lmfao I think they're just trollin me really hard. I have an APC but I kinda need it... maybe they'll be cool with a reason disc haha


2012-12-14 16:31:13

maybe you should eat less mushrooms next time, hehe

aaronmusslewhite responds:

haha never done any drugs... I think it's linked to my tinnitus. I'll be going to the doctor hopefully this coming week to check it out.