Innocence (Madeon Cover!)

2015-10-03 17:49:35 by aaronmusslewhite

Hey NG buddies,

I did a cover of one of my favorite songs by Madeon, Innocence. I remade the beat from scratch.

It's also my first video and I shot and edited myself. Have a lot to learn still but I'm happy with it!

Check it out and let me know what you think! More than happy to answer any questions about the production or anything. Hope you like it :D




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2015-10-03 18:44:12

It's OK. kidna of neat video bruh

needs moar kickass
and less girly singing

where da bass bruh

aaronmusslewhite responds:

haha different strokes :P.

Ill be getting back to doing more grittier stuff to! I hope to have time to do a sequel to halloween step this year, or something.

Just thought it'd be a cool way to do something quick. Also there's a tooooooon of bass in the drop its just not growly. :D