2012-08-15 14:05:52 by aaronmusslewhite

oh em gee you guys, Oh Hai is now officially on itunes. Go check it out I promise. I'll wait right here. ..... See!? Aw yea-yuh!
So please grab a copy of the super pristine, lossless mixes. You totally deserve them. :P It's gonna make your friends soooo jealous. They'll be all "Aw I wish we had awesome nice files instead of these YouTube rips...:(" and you be all, "EAT IT!"
..yeah,... fuck those guys. Anyway, thanks for everything you guys. Lot of exciting things to come. (liiiike performance stuff maybe... eh? EH!? You into that?, well be sure to follow me on Facebook and twitter so you'll be in the loop. Also i'll sing happy birthday for you. and the daily compliments are still on the table. ACT NOW!)


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2012-08-15 15:23:54

I like Hyperventilate (feat. Seantorjo...)