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2012-06-29 20:56:30 by aaronmusslewhite

Hello friends de newgrounds.

So firstly I've got 200+ ... , I'm gonna call them 'followers' (fans feels weird to me lol) on newgrounds now! That means 200+ of you better have clicked this news! :D Other wise you won't be entitled to your free compliment as per the last post

So I know in actuality probably next to no one reads these. I say that cuz no one ever talks to me here so I'm gonna interpret that as none of you read this.
However, on the off chance there are a few of you who are really interested in more music from me here's an update:

Shit's changing a lot.

I'm working with a guy, a manager guy, now to help me arrange a few shows and I'm gonna be doing something a little different than the typical produce and dj kind of thing. I'll let you guys know more about it as I go, I'll also probably release it under a different name.

I'm producing some of it today and it's coming along well, the song I'm producing is ... well it's pretty, maybe kind of like midnight, but not really. The drop is gonna be aggressive tho, so maybe it'll be a good bipolar song. Anyway I really feel like it's one of the most epic things I've done, and that it's some next level stuff. I'm super excited to perform these tracks.

writing this show is gonna be quite a journey so completed music isn't probably going to be released here as often (which honestly you should be used to by now anyway haha) except for maybe in the form of demos.

Depending on if I get any response for it, I WOULD absolutely love to bring you guys along for it and do things like, livestream the writing/practicing of the material, recording it, Upload some demos of it, maybe have a vlog on youtube or something, and anything else either I or you guys come up with.

If that's something you guys are interested in let me know either here or some other form of social media thingamajig.



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2012-06-29 21:42:12

I ALWAYS read the news.
And make sure you do awesome, k?

Just looked to my left; Spider coming at me with BLOODY MURDER all over it's face. Spider just met Mr Shoe.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Ill Be sure to keep it up :P I'm pretty excited about the new material. What if he would have been a spider bro!? t/uploads/2011/02/imagesspiderbro -big.jpg
Never forget!


2012-06-30 18:42:02

As a fan, I know I'd be interested in the business of how a written song or songs gets to tour. Like, how do you write for the stage? Does your manager get involved in the input like, "No, that won't work live?" Have you run into any weird, unscrupulous club owners who don't wanna pay up? That kinna stuff.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Well Ill definitely try to show that to you guys, if not just for you and aaroca! haha maybe some more people can come a long.

I can say this about management tho: Um, it depends. haha. There's a lot of "it depends" in the music industry, particular in recording studios, from a technical stand point but I won't get in to that.
Some managers are open to give you a lot of creative freedom and they just try to find the best things you do and push those.

However, most artists have to work for that. Most artists are going to start out being pushed to work with producers that are "hit makers" as a way of hedging the bets of those who are investing money in them. That's typically the way labels work, major ones anyway.

For me... its a little column A and column B. My manager is mostly going to help me make the right choices. There will be no label involved, I'll be taking care of that shit myself. He IS going to take some part in me writing however. I'm not really sure how that's going to work because he hasn't come in yet. But I'm assuming he'll try to change some things. I think it's an age old fight between trying to write something creative and honest that you want and also listen to them trying to help make it mass appealing.

IDK it's still early so I guess we'll all be figuring it out together. I may stream writing this first song at some point so you guys can hear what I'm doing, if not ill make a little youtube video or something.