New tracks

2012-06-15 01:30:51 by aaronmusslewhite

Ey what up guys. Been awhile. It has been a pretty stressful past couple of weeks but I've made it through. Moved to my new apartment which is waaaaaay nicer. Also my studio put in new hardwood floors which in turn led to it being shut down a few days. Which led to my clients getting pushed back, which THEN led to a ton of work. Which is predominantly what I've been up to.

But now i'm back. got a new song. check it. it's called midnight.

hope to keep the updates a little more consistent again.

Also I've been talking to a manager about ...well managing so maybe that'll lead to something good as well.

Thanks for listening again guys.

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For instance: Nice hat! I love what you're doing with your hair! Woah! Soooomeone's been working out, eh!?


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2012-06-19 14:05:15

I need a compliment.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

I like your tits.