I'm not dead!

2012-05-23 11:57:57 by aaronmusslewhite

Hey guys I'm not sure if anyone is necessarily paying attention to the slump here or if you guys just go "oh hey aaron uploaded something, I got 5 minutes." But in the event you're worrying whether there's problems in my new life with ashleyalyse in our cardboard box and it is tumultuous and she murdered me in a fit of domestic rage or ...something less dramatic, I just wanted to say that I'm fine and ashley still loves me, definitely. ...probably. Also SJD visits.. and we eat pizza... since that seems to be becoming a bit of a meme on this newspage.

In actuality there are 3 things keeping me from getting my new tracks done. Moving is a big one, man i really procrastinated hard on this thing. ... :( 2, is diablo 3... kind of ... I dont get to play it often but I have procrastinated on my tracks to play it at least two nights since it's release. The main one is probably the TON of work I've had lately. I've had a lot more production clients than normal this week and.. Idk just seems like everyone wants to record this week for some reason. So that's that. OH, also, got a new DJ controller so I've been playing with that a bit as well..

Anyway more to come at some point in the near future. If it takes way too long I may just start uploading theme music again for fun. I do have a track somewhere between 1/2 way done and 3/4 of the way. So it's cool baby bird, don't fret. Mr.Pokeylope will make everything aaaaalllllrrriiiiight. (if you dont get that reference you should play more "good" games:P)

Peace and love and not laziness... I need that last one. :P


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2012-05-23 12:09:50

I don't visit. I'm pretty sure that I hate you. And you got my damn name wrong.

Give me the pizza.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Yes he does, don't listen to him!

Dont be ashamed sJ***d!. Sorry I typed it super fast before my first client came in. You'll have no pizza until you comment on our new drapes!


2012-06-09 12:30:40

Your new drapes are amazing. I am sure that you were not the one who picked them, however.

Give me the pizza.