Thank you guys, you're awesome!

2012-03-06 21:45:40 by aaronmusslewhite

So I was just perusing the audio forum, as you do. And I noticed multiple instances of my songs on the front page, including Overdrive being at the top of the popular this month, and top of the dubstep chart. That's awesome, I honestly didn't expect anyone to like my dubstep haha. So I just wanted to say thanks to those who are listening and paying me such awesome compliments, I'll definitely try to live up to them :P.

Also for any of you who may be following my work, I'll be having some of my songs remixed a little better and mastered soon. (Hopefully next week but I'm not certain.) Anyway, I'm planning on releasing everything mastered and nice, I haven't really decided how yet. I don't really want to put it on itunes or anything as I can't imagine anyone actually buying it, if nothing else maybe I could do one of those things where you can download the album for free or throw a few bucks at it if you want. I don't know if that's something anyone would be into yet. But I'll keep working on getting better and maybe soon I'll have something that people will be into haha.

Mainly, thanks for listening guys, I've enjoyed the interactions we've had. Been good fun! :P I'll definitely let you guys know when those tracks are finished! keep it filthy, ... melodically filthy!


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2012-03-06 23:07:39

Congratulations! <3