Entry #1

I'm back!

2012-02-22 19:43:35 by aaronmusslewhite

Ahoy newgrounders! After several years away, I've finally returned! And with more honed chops, ...and also a completely different genre haha. I'm going to keep all my older songs because... fuck it, i can't be bothered to delete all that old shit.
anyway, follow me on twitter at twitter.com/aaronmmusic and also check out my soundcloud at soundcloud.com/aaronmusslewhite

Hope you enjoy the tracks!


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2012-02-22 20:36:17

why come back now

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Because my good man. There's a pretty good amount of traffic on ng. its a great way for to get your music heard. And I figured it would be a cool place to test a couple remixes.


2012-03-05 01:59:51

You know most remixes are prohibited right? Except if you got rights from the artists ofcourse..

(Updated ) aaronmusslewhite responds:

If you sell them sure. But I'm not really making a profit off of them so there's no real reason to come after me about it. People make unlicensed remixes all the time, it's when you start selling them that you'll get in trouble.

also nice profile image. :P best producer ever. haha